SiVL Pipework

Made in Germany

Cryotherm have cryogenic manufacturing history since 1964, when the first vessels where made by Siegtal Trade Union. Since 2014, the company has been in private hands but still committed to German engineering excellence. 


Cryotherm’s advantages

Made of anti-magnetic, highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel, therefore also suitable for use in clean rooms and in the food industry.

Long vacuum service life ,  using adsorption material and special getters. Reduced gas consumption and extended maintenance intervals.

Can be easily extended and combined by using plug-in couplings.

High thermal quality through computer-aided optimised thermal design and multi-layer vacuum super insulation between the inner and outer pipes.

SiVL Pipework

Cryotherm GmbH and Co. KG are the specialists for the construction and manufacturing of vacuum super insulated containers and transfer pipes for cryogenic liquid gases.

These are used in many different industries such as chemical industries, medicine, foodstuffs, research or biotechnology.

Cryo Storage Solutions hold the exclusive distribution licence for the UK and Eire, for the entire Cryotherm product range

In order to transport cryogenic, liquefied gases practically loss-free from “A to B”, Cryotherm have developed special vacuum super-insulated transfer pipes (SiVL or Vacuum Jacketed). These transfer line systems are characterised by their high thermal quality and very low liquid losses.

In partnership, Cryo Storage Solutions and Cryotherm will take on your project planning, the manufacture and production of your pipework, and the installation of your cryogenic piping system. You will receive a vacuum super-insulated design for the liquid gases nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and argon.

The super-insulation enables even substantial distances to be covered cost-effectively. By consistently applying the modular principle, Cryotherm’s experienced engineers guarantee the safe and cost-saving operation of your cryogenic plants with their piping systems.

  • Sizes DN14, DN25, and DN50 as standard
  • Larger diameters by arrangement
  • For nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and helium use
  • Flexible and rigid solutions
  • Welded or Johnston Couplings
  • High thermal quality and low heat transfer rates

To ensure that cryogenically liquefied gas is always directly available at the point of use, components such as phase separators and gas phase separators are included in the supply schedule.

The transfer pipes can be designed in a wide range of nominal diameters with push-fit or welded couplings. Vacuum super-insulated hand-operated valves, pneumatic valves as well as pressure and level regulators complete the range of the cryogenic piping system.

In order to offer you a high degree of flexibility, Cryotherm have rigid and flexible transfer lines in the range of cryogenic piping systems

For more information on Cryotherm’s SiVL solutions, please call us now on 02921 303518.

Flexible and Rigid

A modular cryogenic pipework system specially developed for the nominal diameters DN 14 and DN 25 It is suitable for a wide range of tasks, and is available from stock in the standard lengths of 3m, 6m, and 12 m in both rigid and flexible formats.

gas and phase separators

The Gas and Phase Separators serve to separate the gas boiling off from the liquid phase, even with the best quality insulation, and to discharge it from the system.

The Gas Separator is ideal for large volume users and is efficient with continuous withdrawal. The whole line between storage tank and point of withdrawal is kept permanently cold.

The Phase Separator works with discontinuous withdrawal and is placed anywhere along the line. The pipework between the Phase Separator and the place of withdrawal is permanently kept cold. A Phase Separator is ideal for small-scale consumers.

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