Cryogenic Storage

our biobanks

Cryotherm of Germany supply us with our BIOSAFE biobanks, these units are certified to ISO-13485 and are approved as a Class II medical product under 93/42/EEC.

They are highly-efficient, have an ultra-low evaporation rate, and offer unparallleled reliability for the storage of samples and cells.

Back up and contingency

We have emergency access to a 6t tank of liquid nitrogen should we need it.

We also have an arrangement with MTS CryoStores (also HTA-regulated) to take our biobanks if anything should happen at our facility.

Cryogenic Storage

Cryo Storage Solutions can offer you safe and secure cryogenic sample storage facilities.


You may be short of laboratory or storage space, or need to cryogenically store certain samples offsite. We can offer you cryogenic storage facilities here in the UK.

We store at cryogenic temperatures by using liquid nitrogen (LIN) freezers called bio-banks. We currently don’t store in the liquid phase, but utilise liquid nitrogen’s boil-off properties to store in the vapour phase. We understand (and love working with) liquid nitrogen, bio-banks, and temperature monitoring systems.

At our Cardiff cryogenic storage facility, we are able to hold your precious samples, seed cell stocks, and stem cells at these cryogenic temperatures, down to -196°c if required.

Our bio-banks, Dewars, and SiVL system are from Cryotherm of Germany and are ultra-reliable and efficient. Combined with our 24-7 cryogenic engineering Service Level Agreement from CTM Europe, and our permanent access to a 6 tonne tank of liquid nitrogen, means that we can offer peace of mind when storing your biological materials or pharmaceutical products.

We’re all about reliability and trust at Cryo Storage Solutions. We know what we’re doing with ultra-low temperatures and storage tanks, and we can help to de-risk your business activities. We aim to manage and maintain your samples safely and securely whilst being convenient, easy to access and cost effective.

We don’t want to see you suffering any financial losses or reputational damage because a freezer failed or that you ran out of space.

You can call us now on 02921 303518 or email


Secondary Monitoring

We use a Tutela temperature monitoring system that provides both a proven audit trail of accurate recordings, and Tutela staff who provide real-time temperature monitoring 24/7 and will alert us to any excursions out of normal business hours.

Tutela provide us and you with peace of mind.

HTA Regulation

 Our Licence Number is 22675, and we are licenced for Human Application and Relevant Materials.

We would love to hear from you if you have a requirement for temperature controlled storage.

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