hta and research storage

With our HTA Licence (22675), Cryotherm BIOSAFE biobanks, FDA-compliant sample tracking software, and our secondary temperature monitoring from Tutela; we believe we have an excellent facility in which to store your precious samples and cells.

Call 02921 303518 to discuss storage options.

pssr 2000 regulations inspections

Your Pressure System needs a regular MOT and insurance. This process is called a PSSR Inspection, and this is a Statutory Obligation. It must be completed yearly and your insurance company informed that it is in place.

We can help you comply with the PSSR 2000 Regulations, certify your pressure system as ‘safe to use’ and give you peace of mind with a full system audit. We will provide a full Written Scheme of Examination (WSE), correct your drawings as necessary, and offer remedial works and / or PPM as appropriate.


About us

We are knowledgeable about the nitrogen and passionate about the paperwork.

We know about the cold stuff, letting you get on with the smart stuff.

We offer a range of cryogenic and -80°c storage, Disaster Recovery and Product/Risk Management services. Please take a browse around our website and get in touch if you have a question or a query.

You can download a handy PDF detailing our capabilities – Our Services

We hold the exclusive distribution territories of the UK and Eire for Cryotherm of Germany, and can therefore supply you with high quality and highly efficient Bio-banks, Dewars, and SiVL pipework systems.

Cryo Storage Solutions can offer a supply only arrangement or full turnkey installation services too.

We offer a full spectrum of cryogenic and gas/pressure system services, including Gas Detection Systems, cryotherapy machine installations, and much more. Get in touch to find out how we could help you.

Call Edwin on 02921 303518 to learn more

sivl and pipework systems

From standard lengths of DN14 flexible and rigid SiVL solutions, to multi-coded welders, we have a pressure and pipework system solution to suit your needs.

We partner with CTM Europe in Cardiff to deliver pipework installation services.


helium recovery and conservation

We all know that helium is an expensive and a finite resource, and can be susceptible to supply chain problems. The global supply of helium is diminishing.

A Helium Recovery (or Conservation) Solution can save you money on your helium costs, help guarantee your future supply. We can help you design such a system, source the parts, and install it for you. A worthwhile investment to reduce your ongoing gas costs with payback on average between 1 and 2 years.


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