-80° Storage

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Sample Storage

We can provide a stable ultra low temperature storage condition to store your samples; germs, erythrocytes, leucocytes, viruses and many other biological materials. You might be a research institute, work in the pharmacy industry, clinical labs, blood banks and laboratories or in electronic & chemical plants.

-80° Storage

Yes, we know that you know that we know about liquid nitrogen storage.

But did you know that Cryo Storage Solutions can also offer -80°c storage too. You may be short of lab, freezer, or storage space, or need to safely store certain samples offsite. -80 is sometimes known as ULT, or Ultra Low Tenoerature.

We would be very pleased to help you with any requirements for ULT storage. 

Our low and ultra-low temperature freezers are perfect for the storing of antibodies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and clinical trial materials.

We’re all about reliability and trust at Cryo Storage Solutions. We know what we’re doing with ultra-low temperatures and freezers, and can help to de-risk your business activities. We aim to manage and maintain your samples safely and securely whilst being convenient, easy to access and cost effective.

We really don’t want to see you suffering any financial losses or reputational damage because a freezer failed or that you ran out of storage space.


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Ultra Low Temperatures

Our capabilities include Ultra Low Freezers which are devices intended for the storage of blood components and blood plasma, human cells, tissues and other laboratory samples at ultra low temperatures (ULT) down to -86°C or 121°F.

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