At Cryo Storage Solutions, we think it’s important to let you know why we do what we do.

We have an excellent team of people working with and for us, with a massive set of varying skills and experiences. All of which are brought to bear to store your samples and materials safely and securely.

We know about the cold stuff. You know about the clever stuff. As we’ve worked with liquid nitrogen for many years, we understand its properties and how to design a safe and efficient system that requires minimal maintenance and will work properly for years.

Our Managing Director, Edwin, is proficient with people and brilliant with bio-banks. For the last 4 years, he has worked on cryogenic engineering projects, sold nitrogen Dewars and cryogenic equipment, and networked like crazy in the UK biotech and life science sectors. For Edwin it's all about attention to detail and making people happy.

Our Regulatory Manager is passionate about the paperwork. Tracey has a 26 year career working within the pharmaceutical and university sectors, designing and implementing quality and compliance systems for successful applications and audits with the MHRA, HTA, and FDA. Tracey loves to be able to prove what she says, and her favorite shop is a stationery shop.

Our Engineering Consultant is knowledgeable about the nitrogen. David has a 35 year career working with all types of medical and industrial gases, cryogenic fluids, and pipework distribution systems. What he doesn’t know about liquid nitrogen can be written on a pinhead. For David, it’s all about the engineering and making sure the paperwork stacks up.

We’d love to help you manage the risks in your business by using our ‘why’. Cryo Storage Solutions can safely store your samples and save you from a disaster.

Call Edwin on 02921 303518 or email him HERE  to ask a question

At Cryo Storage Solutions, we can offer you the following:

  • Constant temperature monitoring of your valuable materials
  • Regular calibration and validation of our bio-banks and temperature monitoring systems
  • A robust Quality System, working under ISO9001
  • Compliant sample management software
  • A back-up UPS and auto-start diesel generator
  • Internal Disaster Recovery arrangements with another supplier
  • Close working relationships with Best In Class specialist couriers
  • Facility location staffed 24/7 with access through a security gate
  • An attitude of passion for what we do, flexibility, and convenience